“Goodwood” brown velvet tassel loafer (last 275)


Here’s a beloved member of the (large) loafer family (bit, penny, driving…): the tassel loafer.


Should (and this would be terrible) you be forced to keep only one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, this could be the right choice. The tassel has, without a shadow of a doubt, become as basic and iconic as a good pair of jeans or a well-cut white shirt: yes, the tassel moccasin has definitely settled on the other side of the shore, far from the noisy contingencies of fashion. A timeless piece.


Why ? Because it is easy, obvious, loved by the old, adopted by the young, it does not belong to any trend, crew nor to any style, it is funny with its small twirling leather ‘pompoms’, it is a model that can be reclaimed over and over again, it is the typical “I hated it but then adored it” shoe.


“For resort and in town wear” said advertisements of yesteryear about the tassel. In other words, absolute versatility: impeccable with swim shorts and a soft knit polo shirt after a swim in the sea or for a meeting at the top of a high-rise in some business district, in winter.

Obviously everyone will prefer the thought of a softer spring, or a beautiful summer. And traveling light… and very far away. Taking in a suitcase only the three colorful and fresh versions of our Goodwood, in suede calfskin and arriving with one simple intention: to alternate pairs with a renewed pleasure every time. Hazelnut tassels with the morning coffee, the sage green ones in the afternoon, for, say, a walk in the dunes and navy blue tassels, in the evening, to go strolling on the pontoons!


With a generous rounded toe, balanced proportions, a comfortable fit yet drawing a well arched foot and an overall neat silhouette, our tassel can be worn barefoot or not, with a stunning glazing if you want (for the calf leather versions) or with no make up whatsoever. Like a convertible, jump in’em in a flash as they always will prove to be the right choice for the right look in positively any situation.


Malfroid’s tassel loafers make you feel good. 


Our keywords for this model: all year long, ivy, jeans, chic, basic, comfort. To find your size click here

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Tassel loafer

Last: 275 (round shape)

Leather: suede calfskin (tannery Stead UK)

Lining: calf

Sole: extra slow tanned leather

Shank: double wood

Welt: Goodyear, boot finish

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 38 × 16 cm

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