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Watch bracelets and leatherwork with custom-made patina

We also have a passion for beautiful watches.

Malfroid partnered with French designer and leather expert Joseph Bonnie, to create a collection of watch straps with tailor-made patina.

Just like for your shoes, give your imagination free reign and choose the color that suits best your favorite piece of jewelry.

What we’re made of...

Maybe it’s about having a broader vision of what quality stands for.


We could emphasize again on how hard we thrive to find the point of balance between creating long-lasting & astonishingly beautiful shoes on the one hand, correlated with a selling price that reflects as finely as possible the raw material/work/margin value that constitutes it, on the other hand.

Yet, the notion of quality goes beyond this somewhat steep equation.

A shoe is not a “product” like any other.

What it expresses or reveals about us, men, touches both the innermost part of oneself and something fantastically broader and richer than the essentially utilitarian accessory it is intended to be.

In the masculine world, shoes have a very singular status, studded almost with a vibration and soul that few everyday objects possess. Whether we like it or not, we convey through them our own imagination, personality, way of life, an aesthetic, a relation to the world. It is both a cultural and social object.

Sure, shoes have a form & a function but they are, it seems, something more: a spiritual object? Probably so : don’t we share with our shoes the passing of time, space we travel through, the wear and aging (isn’t in that sense the “patina” of a beautiful pair something seen as an embellishment?).


Shoes must therefore, in our opinion, necessarily be a quality object, designed to stand up to the primordial role that man has given it.

We may even add this: if shoes have acquired this almost sacred status (for some more than for others), let us act, as shoemakers, as guardians of this futile and essential temple. Let us celebrate quality on a daily basis and in plural : qualities of the heart (courtesy, patience) and the quality of a service that goes far beyond just selling shoes: crafting, caring, protecting and repairing the shoes we make and sell.

Because quality gives us self-confidence and is a source of pleasure.

It is, in relation to our profession, like a beacon that reassures and that guides.

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The perfect derby


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The lace-up boot master

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Art of Patina

For you, we create very unique shoes.

Because your shoes say a lot about you, why not make them speak your very own language?


Malfroid offers a custom-made patina service. The only limit is your imagination.

Anything is possible: Subtle tints of cognac, armagnac, forest green, graphite gray, denim blue…

Shades of lightening and shadows, moire effects …

We first accompany you in the choice of your patina. It then takes approximately 3 weeks to give birth to the unique object, handmade in our parisian store.


Examples of patinas

Loafer range

Leather goods


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24/48 delivery directly from Paris. All orders placed before 3 p.m. are posted the same day. (except special order of course)

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