Care for your Malfroid shoes :


– Insert unvarnished shoe trees inside your shoes as soon as you take them off : humidity is absorbed & the leather can dry and rest.

– Use a shoe horn for your comfort and to protect the topline of the shoe.

– Alternate pairs of shoes as much as possible to allow the leather to rest and dry.

– Never leave your pair near a source of heat or humidity.


Smooth and grained leathers


– Regularly clean and dust your shoes with a dry cloth or a soft brush.

– Use the Saphir médaille d’or leather lotion. It cleans and nourishes the leather : this should be done regularly (every 4 to 5 wear). The Saphir médaille d’or cream (neutral or colored) is a complementary and more nourishing treatment.

– Once your shoes are clean and hydrated you can polish them with the Saphir médaille d’or shoe polish. Use a soft coton cloth. Once the leather is polished. brush it firmly to make it shine.

– For a mirror effect (glazing) emulsify shoe polish with fine droplets of water by alternating them in fine layers. This operation requires time and precision. Finish with a nylon, wool or cashemere piece of cloth.


Suede calfskin


– Once or twice a year, use a Saphir shoe protector spray. Then brush with a specific hard bristle brush, before or after wearing your shoes.

– Use some “terre de Sommières” on difficult stains (grease or dirt). Sprinkle then brush off after a few hours. Otherwise, gently clean with a damp sponge and Marseille soap.


Waxed leathers


– This sturdy type of leathers requires little maintenance. Once or twice a season, clean with a damp sponge, allow the leather to dry then apply the “special waxed/oiled leather” Saphir lotion with a coton cloth or fingers, massaging regularly.


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