Our moto: uncompromising quality.

Marcel Dassault used to say that a beautiful plane is above all a plane that flies well.

At Malfroid, we say: a beautiful shoe is first and foremost a quality shoe.



We are attentive and uncompromising when selecting it.

Our leather comes from prestigious French tanneries (Tannerie Roux, Tannerie d’Annonay, Tannerie Degermann, Tannerie du Puy).


With an exception for our water-repellent suede calfskin, provided by Charles F Stead & Co LTD (UK) – one of the greatest references.


We are proud to offer genuine high-quality products at a the best price range.



Our leather soles are obtained through an extra slow vegetable tanning.

Once again, we do our best to provide this manufacturing quality for the best price.

In spite of its high cost, we chose this process because it guarantees the strongest, waterproof and durable result.

Each sole also has a double shank, which is made out of wood.



Malfroid favors the Goodyear welt on all of our collection.

Following our attention to details, our yarns are hand-waxed. This (plurisecular) technique ensures a better leacktightness.

For a shoe to be able to last and age well, every step counts.



We offer high-quality & affordable leather shoes.

We also want to give our customers the best possible service not only when purchasing our shoes but throughout their lives. We care for our shoes all the way.



The first impression when putting on a pair of Malfroid must be decisive: a quality shoe is welcoming for the foot.

The materials used to create this complex cockpit should also not deviate from the quality rule. The foot must be accompanied, protected, comfortable. Walking becomes fluid.


Malfroid has taken care to decline most of its permanent collection in round shape (361), but also in a finer shape (533) to please everyone.

cuir malfroid
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lisse bottier
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