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The new Malfroid belt is so beautiful it hurts. Badly.


A belt is certainly the most important accessory of any outfit. Impossible to compromise with. Well chosen, a belt gives the outfit a grace and a superb balance to the silhouette. Essential accessory & that says much more about oneself than one thinks. So let us not make mistakes when choosing it.


To create this new model, each element and each step was carefully, scrupulously decided. Scrupulous, it is also necessary to be scrupulous in the use of certain words like “heritage”, “local”, “craftsmanship”, “excellence” which too often are unfortunately misused. Reality is often not up to what the message promises. So, when it comes to our belt, we might as well be precise.


Our belts are made in France, in a small craftman’s workshop located in Saint Junien (city of leather, glovers in particular & a know-how… well… of excellence) in a grained leather of exceptional grade (it is bull leather renowned for its flexibility and robustness!) from the French Tannerie CARRIAT also located in France, in Espelette. This leather has benefited from a vegetable tanning and naturally presents different finesses of grain, from one belt to another: they are all admirable and it could be a tough choice.


A more in-depth article on grained leather can be found in our “blog” tab.


We chose to mount these belts on an Italian buckle “new from old stock”. The buckle is made of dense solid brass. As there were not many parts available, our Malfroid belts are therefore sold in limited series.


What a pride for Malfroid to partner with exceptional craftsmen and to offer a belt from home, for you.

And what a pleasure too!


Time to buckle up!

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We offer two standard sizes of belts, but they both can still be precisely adjusted (by us) to fit you perfectly!


All we need to know is the exact size you need (we’ll help you figuring it out if you write to us) and we’ll take care of the cutting!

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95cm, 110cm, 115cm


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